Sponsorship and Speaking Opportunities

NCEO 2017 Events

For the first time, we are presenting the complete lineup of NCEO 2017 event sponsorship and speaking opportunities in one place. We hope this helps you in your 2017 planning process.

The Fall ESOP Forum is the combination of our S Corporation ESOP Seminar, The ESOP Symposium, and the Get The Most Out of Your ESOP meeting. Our goal is to improve the seminar experience for both attendees and service providers by reducing travel costs and increasing both topic choices and networking possibilities at this new alternative to the annual conference.

In addition to combining three seminars, we have separated the speaking opportunities from the sponsorship opportunities, similar to the structure used at our annual conference.

We have also separated the speaking opportunities from the sponsorship opportunities for our Webinar series.

The sponsorship/speaking structure for the Is an ESOP Right for You? seminars will remain the same. (Sponsorship secures a speaking slot at the seminar.)

2017 Regional Seminars

Is an ESOP Right for You? An In-Depth Look at Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Santa Fe, NM :: October 25-26, 2017

Apply to sponsor the October 25-26 meeting in Santa Fe

2017 Fall ESOP Forum NEW

Tampa, FL :: October 3-4, 2017

Sponsorship proposals

Read this first: Details on sponsorship opportunities (PDF)

Apply to sponsor the Fall ESOP Forum

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