CEPI Exam Prep Course

Where do I log in?

Go to https://training.nceo.org/training/cep/login.php

How do I log in?

  1. If you ordered from us before under the same email address but before our new site launched in August 2019, your order was filed under that account, and you can now create a password to review past orders and log into the Prep Course you just bought. Go to our Request New Password form and enter the email address you used. You will receive an email with a link to create your password. Once you have done that, go to the Prep Course login page and choose "Login with NCEO Account."
  2. If was the first time you ordered from us (at least with that email address), a new nceo.org account was created for you, and along with a receipt, a separate message was sent to your email address inviting you to finish creating your new account at nceo.org. (If you do not receive your receipt and this other email, please check your spam folder, etc.; both messages come from customerservice@nceo.org.) Create that account and then go to the Prep Course login page and choose "Login with NCEO Account."

I ordered directly on the website, but I think the receipt and new-account emails are being blocked at my workplace or email provider, so I can't create a password?

Try unblocking emails from customerservice@nceo.org. Also, you can simply email us at customerservice@nceo.org, and we can manually set a password for your nceo.org account (which you can later change yourself by logging into My Account on our site). A personal email from us with that password may be less likely to be blocked than transactional emails generated by our site. One way or another, we'll get you up and running.

When does my login expire?

Your access to the course expires after the next exam. To use the Prep Course in a future season (whether for your current level or the next level), you will buy the Prep Course for that season.

I bought the Prep Course and haven't used it yet, and now I have deferred my CEPI exam. What should I do?

If you haven't logged in or have made only minimal use of the course (we can easily check this), you may defer the course until the next season. Contact us at customerservice@nceo.org to arrange for this. (When you defer your CEPI exam, we receive no information about that; likewise, if you defer your Prep Course, the CEPI does not know and must be informed separately in order for you to defer your exam.)

Online ESOP Training

How do I access the ESOP training I ordered?

After you order our online ESOP training, you will be emailed with login information. The training takes place at a third-party website, not nceo.org.

Customized Board or Fiduciary Training

When and how will this training take place?

This training is conducted as a customized live webinar by NCEO Founder Corey Rosen. After you purchase the training, Corey will contact you to set this up. After the webinar takes place, you will receive a recording of it.

Communications Committee Crash Course

When does this training take place? 

There are six meetings total that take place in October, November, and December. You can find the dates of these meetings on the Crash Course web page

How will these training meetings be hosted?

All meetings will take place via Zoom. The NCEO's Director of Culture and Engagement, Dallan Guzinski, will provide password-protected Zoom links to all that purchase this training and will host each meeting with special guest from the employee ownership community.

How do I access the committee training I ordered?

After you order our committee training, you will be emailed with additional information from the host of this event, Dallan Guzinski. For any questions about this event, feel free to contact Dallan at dguzinski@nceo.org