About the Webinar

Part 1 of our newest series, Providing Financial Wellness Advice for Managers and Employees in ESOP Companies: Conversations with the Experts.


How well educated are your employees about financial wellness? As employee-owners, they have more possibilities and more to think about. How does the ESOP fit in with their wealth-building plans? How should they think about their 401(k) plan? How should they approach financial wellness decisions overall in terms of savings and spending? What mindset do different generations have toward money and financial wellness?


Learning Objective: Awareness of need and ideas for creating your own financial wellness program.  Ways to fulfill fiduciary duties (ERISA) as a plan sponsor.  Comprehensive financial wellness at home leads to workplace wellness. 


Participants who attend this call can expect to learn:






  • Understand the fiduciary responsibilities of a plan sponsor 
  • What are the best practices in today’s retirement plan marketplace
  • What to consider for your financial wellness plan
  • How to build a financial wellness plan itself to engage all your employees

Peter Newman, CFA, founded Peak Wealth Planning in 2014 to provide financial planning and investment management for people who built up retirement savings through ESOP participation, business ownership, and real estate investing. He helps families reduce their taxes, diversify investments, preserve wealth, and generate stable retirement income. Peter previously spent 20 years investing in real estate and managing investments for the University of Illinois.

Corey founded the National Center for Employee Ownership in 1981 after working five years as a professional staff member in the U.S. Senate, where he helped draft legislation on employee ownership plans. Prior to that, he taught political science at Ripon College. He is the author or co-author of over 100 articles and numerous books on employee ownership. He has a PhD in political science from Cornell University. He currently serves on a number of ESOP company boards.

Jamie is a managing director-investments with Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, member SIPC. His experience is in retirement planning, including wealth management, assisting with business succession and ESOP strategies, structuring QRP portfolios, liquidity and asset management, and providing access to trust and insurance services through affiliates and non-affiliates. He holds the FINRA Securities Registrations 7, 63, 8, and 31.

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