About the Webinar

The webinar reviews the different ways to finance an ESOP including the different sources of capital, how they differ from each other and when one may be more appropriate than another.  We also discuss current market conditions for the various types of ESOP financing available. 

You will learn:

  • How an ESOP is financed

  • The current financing conditions for ESOPs

  • Why may one source of financing be a better fit for your company than another


A PCE partner and head of the firm's ESOP practice, Will is considered an expert in the ESOP community. Having a deep understanding of the benefits business owners and employees realize through an ESOP, Will welcomes the opportunity to advise owners on their transaction options. He offers clients a personalized approach in identifying, implementing, and executing an ESOP suitably structured for the future well-being and sustainability of their businesses.

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