About the Webinar

Are you on the right road for retirement?

Today's webinar will help you address an important question — will you have enough savings to retire or leave your job. You are working hard to save today but it is a great idea to check in to see whether you can replace your salary down the road. This webinar will take you through a quick guide to determine whether you will have enough income during your golden years. If you are on the wrong road, it may be necessary to course correct. You will learn tips to improve financial wellness today and improve your chances of retirement success. 

To get the most benefit from the webinar, download the ‘My retirement roadmap’ workbook, confirm your annual salary, and total up your ESOP, IRA, brokerage, and investment account balances earmarked for retirement.


Peter Newman, CFA, founded Peak Wealth Planning in 2014 to provide financial planning and investment management for people who built up retirement savings through ESOP participation, business ownership, and real estate investing. He helps families reduce their taxes, diversify investments, preserve wealth, and generate stable retirement income. Peter previously spent 20 years investing in real estate and managing investments for the University of Illinois.

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