About the Webinar

Executives who will work well in an ESOP environment have a different profile from non-ESOP leaders. Therefore, when hiring for leadership roles, ESOPs must create a different set of criteria by which to evaluate; the standard models do not apply. 

This webinar will outline this profile as well as give practical tips on how to interview/evaluate candidates when hiring or promoting a leader.


Bruce is the ESOP Practice Leader and a Principal at KeyStone Search. He has 25 years of experience in human resources, business development and executive management. He spent ten years in Human Resources Management, including Executive Staffing for a leading Twin Cities-based engineering and design firm, a Fortune 100 home mortgage company and an international human resources consulting firm. Bruce then spent ten years as President of a start-up financial services company based in Sioux Falls, which he helped grow to a $30+ million dollar company. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Business Development for the leading issuer of pre-paid debit cards in the United States.

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