About the Webinar

ESOPs can transform businesses into high-performance organizations. But to do that, companies need to find ways to fully engage employee-owners and develop an effective ownership culture. Employee surveys are a good way to engage employees and gauge their perspectives on the fundamental aspect of your ownership culture and what needs to be done to move forward. 

You will learn:

  • What is being measured and why?
  • How do NCEO employee surveys work?
  • How should you interpret the survey results?
  • How should you use surveys to create change in your company?

Dallan is the director of culture and engagement at the NCEO in Oakland, CA. As a step toward leveraging the significant benefits that employee ownership offers, Dallan works closely with employee-owned companies to improve their communication and engagement practices by gathering and responding to employee feedback using the NCEO's Ownership Culture Surveys. Dallan is an avid speaker at both public and private company events on topics such as corporate (ownership) culture, employee engagement and involvement, communication, employee surveys, and effective leadership and team behaviors for driving innovation and better workplaces.

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