About the Webinar

Determining the value of ESOP shares requires complicated, regulated analysis, but everyone connected with the ESOP needs to know the basics. This webinar is designed to serve either as an overview for people who just want to understand the key concepts of ESOP valuation or as a foundation on which to learn more advanced valuation topics. We assume that participants know financial statements, but are unfamiliar with valuation.

You will learn:

  • Issues specific to ESOP valuations, including core concepts, methods, and current trends.
  • What features of the valuation report are most important to review.

TJ has a diverse background including technical and project management skills from the banking and mortgage industries. He applies his financial, regulatory, and audit experience to assess businesses and conduct valuations, contributing to equity transactions and annual ESOP valuation reports. TJ holds the CVA (certified valuation analyst) designation from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

Accounting, budgeting, and financial planning experience and his tenure as a controller provide Alex with a strong financial foundation.  With his educational background and mortgage industry experience he understands heavily regulated and process driven environments.  Since joining ESI in 2016, Alex has assessed businesses focusing on annual ESOP valuations and equity transactions.  He regularly participates in industry trade shows and educational seminars.

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