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Why You Should Join the NCEO

By Corey Rosen
NCEO Cofounder and Senior Staff Member

For most people joining the NCEO, the first-year membership is just $90 (it's more if you are outside the U.S. or want to be in our Service Provider Directory, but the fees are still very reasonable). Your membership will run for a full 12 months from the day you join. But you might be thinking, "I don't really need this now; I'll just look at their Web site and maybe buy a book or two. This whole process is costly enough; I'll save the membership fee." I understand the concern, but, frankly, membership is quite a bargain.

What You'll Get as a Member:

Reasons Why You Might Think You Don't Need to Join (but Do)

"We're just thinking about a plan; we'll join if we set one up."

For $90 (less any discounts you'd get on anything you'd order, or about 15 minutes of a lawyer's time), you can talk to us to make sure you really know what your options are. Your accountant or lawyer or a colleague may know something about employee ownership, but it is very unlikely they will have the kind of long experience with multiple plans and alternatives we do. We aren't consultants; we are not trying to sell you on our services. We just want to help you make sure that what you do is what will work for you. Setting up a plan will cost tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of time. We can help make sure you spend that money wisely, and may even be able to save needless fees.

"We have a plan, but we get what we need to know from our professionals."

Your advisors may indeed be highly qualified (if you have the right ones), but it is unlikely any of them can give you all the information you need. Can they guide you through how to make an ownership culture work? Can they alert you to other plan ideas from interesting companies? Do you get regular updates from them on regulations and laws that may affect you? Can they help you network with other employee ownership companies? Is it really worth saving the membership fee to take that risk?

"I already belong to an employee ownership organization."

There are a number of other organizations that deal directly or indirectly with employee ownership you may belong to. We would never suggest you drop these memberships to join us. These groups serve their own important purposes. But the truth is there is no more objective and comprehensive source of information on all forms of employee ownership than the NCEO. We are the only organization that covers all the different approaches to employee ownership. You will get information and services from us you simply won't get elsewhere. And you will get it for a fraction of the cost of other memberships. So you can easily add an NCEO membership on to what you already have. If you just get one or two good ideas a year, you'll be way ahead.

"If you charge that little, you must not provide many benefits."

You can see the benefits we provide above. We charge what we do because we are committed to providing the lowest possible price. We have a dedicated, long-tenured, creative staff that, following the employee involvement models we preach to others, has developed an efficient business model that makes us financially very stable even at these low prices. We could charge more, but we'd rather keep your costs low.

Still Unsure? Call Us and We'll Put You in Touch with NCEO Members in Your Area

If you're still not sure that you should join the NCEO, feel free to call me, Corey Rosen at 510-208-1314, or Loren Rodgers at 510-208-1307. We can put you in touch with NCEO members in your area who can tell you how valuable their membership is.

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