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The Retired ESOP Company Executive Directory

The Retired ESOP Company Executive Directory is a list of retired executives from ESOP companies who are willing to share their experience and expertise, which may include working on a pro bono basis with ESOP companies considering or using an ESOP; participating in outreach programs to the press, trade associations, policy makers, and the public; and/or serving on ESOP company boards. The map below can help you locate executives in your area. Choose a category from the drop-down list to further narrow your search. You also can display a printable list of results under the map. Note: The descriptions here are provided by the individuals themselves. A listing here does not constitute an NCEO endorsement.

All Retired Executives

Click/tap or use the slider to zoom in or out of the map. If two or more markers are on a given point at your present zoom level, a yellow circle appears with a number indicating the number of people in that area; click/tap the circle to zoom in and resolve it into individual markers for each person. Click or tap a marker to pop up an information box with details on that person. Only the city and state are provided, so locations on the map are approximate (if you zoom into a city, the address shown will not be accurate but rather a random location in that city). If you would like to be listed or have feedback about this project, contact Loren Rodgers at

There are four categories under which an executive may appear:

Choose a category:
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