We are a nonprofit organization that has been supporting the employee ownership community since 1981. Our mission is to help employee ownership thrive.

We have thousands of members because we help people make smart decisions about employee ownership, with everything from reliable information on technical issues to inspiration to help companies reach the full potential of employee ownership.

We generate original research, facilitate the exchange of best practices at our live and online events, feature the best and most current writing by experts in our publications, and help employee ownership companies build ownership cultures where employees think and act like owners.

Whether you are considering employee ownership, managing an existing plan, or advising clients, we can help. Our members have access to all of our online resources, and we are committed to providing extensive materials for anyone interested in learning more about employee ownership, from business owners to ESOP participants to journalists to stock plan administrators and other service providers. We welcome everyone to sign up for our twice-monthly email bulletin and to visit our blog.

Our staff covers the nation from multiple locations in the U.S., and our board includes representatives from employee-owned companies and the professional advisors who serve them.

We are supported almost entirely through membership fees and our activities, but we do accept donations, which are tax-deductible (we are qualified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization).

Read the NCEO's 2023 Annual Report (PDF).