Announcing the 2024 NCEO Board of Directors

The NCEO is delighted to announce three new members of its board of directors: Daniel Goldstein, Howard Kaplan, and Kerry Siggins; their biographies are below. The three-year terms of the new directors will begin on April 1, 2024. Congratulations and thanks to our new directors!

Two Ownership Culture Ideas You Can Borrow

At the NCEO, we talk with a lot of people from a lot of creative companies. Here are two of the thought-provoking ideas we’ve heard in the last few weeks. Please borrow and adapt these ideas – and let us know what you do with them!

What If Amazon Shared Ownership the Way Sears Did?

For those of a certain age (like me), Sears was the Amazon of its day. You could get almost anything but food in a Sears catalogue, and its stores were ubiquitous. My first house in the San Francisco Bay area was built in 1906 with plans from Sears. Early in his life my dad sold shoes for Sears.

Oxfam Report Recommends Support for Employee Ownership

Oxfam, a nonprofit focusing on hunger and other poverty-rated issues, issued a report that includes a number of recommendations, one of which is “providing financial support to employee-owned businesses, including worker cooperatives.

NCEO Board Election Opens January 3

The election for the NCEO’s board of directors opens on January 3 for three-year terms that begin on April 1, 2024.

Is an ESOP Right for You? Dallas, Texas–Speakers Announced!

We're thrilled to announce our highly anticipated 1.5-day seminar Is an ESOP Right for You? in Dallas, TX, from February 5-6, 2024. This event will provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and HR professionals with comprehensive insights into ESOP transaction structures, plan design, financing, and more in response to the expanding ESOP landscape.