The business author John Case and NCEO founder Corey Rosen have authored a new book, Ownership: Rethinking Capitalism, Companies, and Who Owns What. The official launch data is September 13th. Join us September 20th for this free event presented by Corey Rosen and Michael Quarrey, vice-president of ESOP owned Web Industries, who wrote a moving afterword for the book.

The books argues that wages are stagnant, wealth inequality is growing, and social trust is eroding. There is endless debates about what to do, but one key factor is inexplicably left out: who owns the companies that drive the economy. This book takes a deep dive into how employee ownership, as well as similar practical, bipartisan ideas can be the basis for recreating capitalism.

Here is what some early readers are saying

“Required reading for anyone seeking a practical way to make capitalism work for the many, not the few.” 

—Robert Reich, Former US Secretary of Labor

 “This book is the canary in the coal mine for American capitalism—a warning that the system risks expiring because of its increasingly skewed benefits. Rosen and Case offer a compelling and practical path to a better form of capitalism through employee ownership—and not just for workers but for all Americans.”

—Roger L. Martin, author of  the best-selling "Paying to Win" and former Dean of the Rotman School of Management