United Kingdom Celebrates Employee Ownership Day

On July 4, politicians, academics, government agencies, and employee-owned businesses participated in more than 100 events throughout the United Kingdom to celebrate the country's first employee ownership day.

United Launches New Ownership Advertising Campaign

United Airlines has started an extensive series of print and electronic media ads stressing its employee owned character. The ads were kicked off by three page ads in major papers.

United Parcel Service to Become Employee-Owned

Since 1945, United Parcel Service (UPS) has been broadly owned by its 28,000 management and supervisory personnel. Now the 315,000-employee company will make ownership available to all full-time employees.

United Pilots, Non-Union Employees to Get Stock Options

United Arilines's pilots and non-union employees will be getting stock options in return for wage concessions to help keep the company afloat. United is still trying to negotiate with mechanics and flight attendants, but both unions have been much more resistant on the issue.

United Steelworkers Support Employee Ownership

At its 2014 convention, the United Steelworkers union passed a resolution supporting union worker cooperatives and employee ownership more broadly, including explicit support for the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

United Steelworkers, Mondragon Cooperatives Launch Joint Agreement

The United Steelworkers and the Mondragon Corporation (the holding company for the Mondragon cooperatives) have agreed to a joint collaborative agreement for the development manufacturing companies in the U.S. that will be organized as worker cooperatives with steelworker representation.

United's Bankruptcy Flirtation and Employee Ownership

The announcement by Untied Airlines that is might file for bankruptcy has prompted a number of media stories on whether the employee ownership plan at the company was part of the problem (see, for instance, the excellent article on this topic in the New York Times August 15).

United's ESOP Not Likely to Be Renewed

Labor unions at United Airline have made it clear that they do not want to exchange further concessions for more stock in the company's ESOP. Company officials, meanwhile, have made it equally clear that further contributions to the ESOP are very unlikely absent these concessions.

University of Wisconsin ESOP Management Program

The University of Wisconsin's Executive Education Center's excellent "Employee Ownership Management Program" will be held October 2-4 in Madison, WI. The program offers an intensive, participative investigation of how to make employee ownership work effectively.