CEPI Exam Prep Course

The NCEO's CEP Institute Exam Prep Course is a complete educational tool that combines the benefits of online learning with hundreds of sample practice questions. CEP candidates enrolled in our preparation course receive (1) access to our online learning environment with a multitude of sample questions, answers, and explanations; (2) a final exam; (3) question review Webinars presented by leading experts; (4) a test tips Webinar; (5) a laminated CEP Institute Exam Reference Guide for use during the exam, also provided as a PDF download to use on your computer while studying; and (6) supplemental study documents.

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In a recent CEPI survey of students that passed its exams, a clear majority reported using the NCEO's Prep Course. Our own surveys of CEP students who took our Prep Course found an average 80.2% pass rate in recent years, with 96.3% of participants stating the Prep Course was useful in studying for the exam. One service provider reports, "The CEP program is an important program to develop our internal expertise and establish a competitive difference." On average, the provider's employees who passed the CEPI exam logged into the Prep Course more often, took almost twice as many practice quizzes, viewed more Webinar replays, and were twice as likely to take our practice final exam than employees who failed the CEPI exam.

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"I can't believe it! I passed Level 3 and am done with the CEP. I really couldn't have done it without you. You've always been so patient with me in an answering my questions whether it was through email or phone. I can tell you really cared for your students and wanted them to do well and succeed."
— N. Lipschik, CEP

"I passed Levels I, II and III all on the first pass, and the NCEO Prep Course was essential to my success. The course materials are extensive, and the quality of the questions and the level of difficulty very closely mimics the real exam. The new MP3 capability was especially helpful for me as I was traveling while preparing. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone involved!"
— Patrick McNamara, CEP, Director Executive Compensation Operations, PepsiCo Inc.

"Thank you for all of your help with the NCEO's CEPI Exam Prep Course, including the webinars. They were extremely helpful! I took advantage of all three courses, beginning with Level 1 prep for June 2016. I passed all three parts on the first try! I will be sure to refer others to use the NCEO's Prep Course!"
— Matt Franklin, CEP, Executive Compensation, Eastman Chemical Company

Prices are the same for members and nonmembers. When you buy the course from this page, you will log into the course using your general NCEO website login. (If you don't have a login, one will be created for you upon checkout, and you will receive a separate email in addition to your receipt, asking you to set a password for your login.)

Level 1 Prep Course Level 2 Prep Course Level 3 Prep Course
Over 100 Level 1 sample test questions Over 100 Level 2 sample test questions, plus all Level 1 sample questions Over 100 Level 3 sample test questions, plus all Levels 1 and 2 sample questions
Timed 100-question final exam Timed 100-question final exam Timed 70-question final exam
CEP Institute Exam Quick Reference Guide CEP Institute Exam Quick Reference Guide CEP Institute Exam Quick Reference Guide
Four live question review Webinars Four live question review Webinars, plus Level 1 Webinars Four live question review Webinars, plus Level 1 and 2 Webinars
Test tips Webinar Test tips Webinar Test tips Webinar
Unlimited access to Webinar replays until exam date Unlimited access to Webinar replays until exam date Unlimited access to Webinar replays until exam date
Supplemental study documents Supplemental study documents Supplemental study documents

Course Components

Hundreds of Sample Test Questions, Newly Updated

The CEP Institute Exams present considerable difficulties, even for experienced professionals. Working through challenging questions such as those in our Exam Prep Course is an essential preparation tool for the exam. For each CEP test level, we provide multiple-choice practice questions written by equity compensation experts, many of whom have written actual CEP exam questions and are CEPs themselves. The questions address the four subject areas the CEP Institute exam covers: Accounting; Taxation; Corporate and Securities Law; and Equity Plan Design, Analysis, and Administration. Students take quizzes online and instantly find out whether they have answered correctly. For each answer, students are given a reference to required CEP Institute study materials and an explanation of the correct answer. Your access to the sample questions lasts until the date of the next CEP exam. The questions, answers, and references are updated for each administration of the exam.

Because the CEP exams are cumulative, you should review the earlier levels as you study for Levels 2 or 3. Because of this, the NCEO's Prep Course automatically gives you access to all information from the earlier levels.

A New Selection and Ordering of Questions Every Time You Start a Quiz

The Prep Course features quizzes that randomly reshuffle the questions from the given level and topic every time you start taking a quiz. Then, with each subsequent series of 5 questions for that level and topic, you will see a new group of questions until you have seen them all. At that point, if you continue, the questions will be randomly reshuffled again. Thus, instead of facing the same quiz over and over again, you will see freshly generated selections of 5 questions.

Final Exam

We now provide a timed final exam to simulate the actual CEPI exam. The questions are drawn from the sample test questions described above, and their number and difficulty correspond to your CEPI exam level.

Question Review Webinars

Our Exam Prep Course also includes Webinars—PowerPoint presentations broadcast live over the Internet, accompanied by a telephone conference call. The Webinars review sample questions to help prepare you for the actual exam and also instruct you on the topic of the Webinar. All students will receive a link to the replay of the live broadcast, which can be viewed an unlimited number of times until the date of the next national exam. Students can download an MP3 file of the audio portion to play on their digital devices.

Test Tips Webinar

In addition to the topic-specific Webinars mentioned above, we provide a Webinar devoted to test-taking tips for all levels.

CEP Institute Exam Quick Reference Guide

Another component of our Exam Prep Course is a laminated, three-hole-punched Quick Reference Guide, which can be easily inserted into your binder for use during the open-book exam. The Reference Guide consists of four double-sided letter-sized pages and is packed with common definitions, formulas and the like, serving as a fast and easy reference both during study and during the actual CEP Institute exam. It is also provided as a PDF download within the Prep Course so you can refer to it on your computer or other digital device while studying.

Supplemental Study Documents

The Prep Course includes a number of supplemental documents, such as a pyramid exercise example and a timeline worksheet to assist in working through questions.

Terms of Use

The price of the CEP Institute Exam Prep Course varies depending on your candidate level. Your access to the Prep Course questions, Webinars, and other aspects of the online course will last until the date after the CEP Institute exam. The prices given here are per-user prices; your access cannot be shared with others.

The CEP Exam Prep Course is not an independent training course on equity compensation but rather an exam preparation course for those who have registered with the CEPI to take a forthcoming exam. The Prep Course assumes that you have registered with the CEPI and have received the binder from it, and that you have bought your course texts.