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Sustainable Leadership

NCEO Webinar replays are the recorded version of our live Webinars, using PowerPoint presentations viewed online. To purchase a twelve-month subscription providing unlimited access to all recorded Webinars, including this one, follow this link. (Replays are not available for individual purchase.) Please contact our Colleen Kearney at 510-208-1311 or for additional information.

This replay was recorded on February 21, 2012.

About This Meeting

A critical concern for ESOP companies is how they develop the talent and depth of their leadership teams so they can enhance both business performance and the value of the ESOP, while also creating the next generation of leaders. This Webinar covers the top success factors for leadership development in employee-owned companies, including performance evaluation, training and development, the role of the board, and leadership throughout the organization.


Welcome and Introduction
Loren Rodgers, NCEO
Building Sustainable Leadership
Jack Veale, PTCFO, Inc.
Questions and Answers


Loren Rodgers

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National Center for Employee Ownership

Loren joined the NCEO in 2005 and became its executive director in 2010. He writes extensively on employee ownership in professional and academic publications and has spoken at events around the world. Since he entered the field in 1995 as a consultant, he has worked with hundreds of companies. His expertise includes ESOPs, equity compensation, best practices for employee ownership companies, research, effective communications, employee motivation, corporate governance, ESOP transactions and operations, and business literacy.

Jack Veale

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Jack is the founder of, a community of vetted and experienced ESOP Advisors with thousands of ESOP clients. DirectorsMarketplace.ORG is a community of independent directors, many with ESOP experience, who want to be on another board. Jack has written several books on succession; his newest can found at,, and Jack has 30-plus years of consulting experience advising hundreds of family-owned/closely held and ESOP businesses on ownership and management succession, governance, strategy, and leadership development.