About the Webinar

Employee ownership may start on October 1 every year, but your company will get the biggest impact if you start planning now. Join the NCEO to talk about what member companies have found makes for a GREAT employee ownership month, no matter what your culture or how long your company has been employee owned. You’ll leave this session with some next steps, timelines, and a whole bunch of inspiration for ways to build understanding, excitement, and a sense of engagement.


Learning objectives:
Expand your thinking about the kinds of activities your company can do to celebrate employee ownership month.
Plan ways to combine celebration, learning, and engaging people in the company’s goals.
A sample employee ownership month planning timeline to give you a head start with your own planning.


Continuing Education Credit (live session only)

There are no prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this introductory-level session.

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

Delivery Method: Group Internet Based

For more information on the types of Continuing Education Credit offered please visit Continuing Education Credits for Meeting and Webinar Attendees.


Loren joined the NCEO in 2005 and became its executive director in 2010. He writes extensively on employee ownership and has spoken at events around the world. Since entering the field in 1995 as a consultant, he has worked with hundreds of companies. His expertise includes ESOPs, equity compensation, best practices for employee ownership companies, research, effective communications, employee motivation, corporate governance, ESOP transactions and operations, and business literacy.