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How Human Resources Impacts Ownership Culture

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This replay was recorded on October 7, 2014.

About This Meeting

Companies' human resources practices have a profound effect on how people feel about their companies and jobs, so it is not surprising that ESOP companies often have a different approach to human resources. This session explores the role of human resources -- starting with hiring and onboarding, continuing through training and job evaluation, and including retirement and wellness programs -- in promoting a strong, healthy organization where people think and act like owners.

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How Human Resources Impacts Ownership Culture
Linshuang Lu and Jon Sweigart, Praxis Consulting Group


Linshuang Lu

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Praxis Consulting Group

As an organization development consultant, Linshuang (pronounced "Lin-shang"), MSOD, assists companies with team and leadership development, strategic planning, employee engagement, and culture change. Linshuang is on the board of directors of the ESOP Association, and formerly served on the board of the NCEO. She has written articles relating to ownership culture for the NCEO's ESOP Committee Guide and Communications Sourcebook.

Jon Sweigart

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Praxis Consulting Group

Jon is a Praxis consultant and a workplace learning and human resources professional with more than a decade of experience in functional and strategic support for mission-focused, results-oriented organizational learning and performance. He provides facilitation, coaching, and employee communication with expertise in leadership development, talent management, and learning design. Jon is a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD.)