This 24-page full-color booklet features compelling stories, research results, and easy-access explanations of employee ownership and its potential to make our economy better. Written by veteran author and NCEO board member John Case, Employee Ownership: Building a Better American Economy speaks to employees, business owners, policymakers, and everyone else interested in learning what employee ownership looks like in real life. The NCEO welcomes you to circulate the booklet to anyone you think might benefit from a powerful introduction to employee ownership. The booklet is discounted to $1.75 each for quantities of 50 or more. Contact us at [email protected] to order at an additional discount if buying 180 or more.

You can download the PDF version at no cost (4.7 MB).

This booklet is now available in Spanish for all NCEO members. Click here for the new translation and more Spanish-language resources.

Additional Resources for Readers

You can also dig deeper into the ideas and statistics in the booklet. The links below can help.

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Saddle-stitched, 24 pages
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