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Database of All ESOPs in the U.S.

This list has been updated as of December 2018 to include the most recent data available. It is available for purchase for the entire United States ($400 for members; $600 for nonmembers) or by region ($75 for members; $200 for nonmembers).

For questions about this data, contact Nancy Wiefek at or 510-208-1312.

Database of ESOPs: entire country ($400 for NCEO members, $600 for nonmembers)
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Database of ESOPs: single census division ($75 per division for NCEO members, $200 for nonmembers)

To purchase data only for a specific division(s), click the appropriate add-to-cart button above and then when you go to checkout, type the division into the "Other Information" box on the first screen, below your name and address. Census divisions are defined below.


The list is provided as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format and includes a codebook describing the fields. It includes 7,188 ESOPs, and following DOL standard practices, excludes plans covering only one participant. Each row corresponds to an ESOP and each column contains information about that plan.

The database includes the following fields:
  • The Form 5500 filing year from which data was drawn for the plan.
  • The EIN and name of the company that sponsors the ESOP.
  • Number of ESOPs associated with each EIN.
  • The sponsor's DBA name, if applicable.
  • Sponsor's street address, city, state, and zip code.
  • A code indicating if the plan is collectively bargained.
  • A code indicating the company's primary line of business, using the North American Industry Classification System.
  • Industry group based on line of business.
  • KSOP indicator for plans having a 401(k) feature.
  • The year that the company established the ESOP.
  • The name of the plan.
  • The total number of plan participants, including retired and separated participants with balances remaining.
  • The number of plan participants who are active employees.
  • Indicator for plans with more than 100 total participants.
  • Whether the company declared itself an S corporation.
  • Whether the ESOP currently has a loan (i.e., is leveraged)
  • The dollar value of employer securities in the plan.
  • The dollar value of total assets in the plan.
  • A code indicating whether the company is publicly traded.
  • The census region of the sponsor.

Census Divisions

Division 1: New England: CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT
Division 2: Middle Atlantic: NJ, NY, PA
Division 3: East North Central: IL, IN, MI, OH, WI
Division 4: West North Central: IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD
Division 5: South Atlantic: DE, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV
Division 6: East South Central: AL, KY, MS, TN
Division 7: West South Central: AR, LA, OK, TX
Division 8: Mountain: AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WY
Division 9: Pacific: AK, CA, HI, OR, WA