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How to Choose Employee Ownership Consultants

6. Other Parties

Aside from the necessary parties such as attorneys, there are other experts you may need or want, such as feasibility study experts, investment bankers, and organizational development experts.

Ownership Culture Consultants

To help create an ownership culture, you may want to hire people to help you with plan communications and employee participation structures. There is a growing number of people with specific organizational development experience in employee ownership companies, although people from conventional management consulting organizations may be able to provide useful advice as well. The key to hiring these people is to avoid those with a prepackaged program or those who will come in and impose programs from above. The best ownership culture consultants work with you and an employee team to help the company's employee owners develop and implement their own programs. The consultants serve as coaches and advisors. There is something very unsettling to employees to be told their company will now become more participative by having a participation structure imposed on them by an outsider.

Financial Advisors and Trustees for ESOPs

Equity Compensation Issues

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