A comprehensive culture survey for ESOP companies. 

The NCEO's Ownership Culture Survey gives you the tools to measure your employee ownership culture effectively. This comprehensive survey helps assess how well employee-owners at your company understand the ESOP, understand their role in creating value, and have the tools, skills, and information to act like owners. With this data, you can assess company strengths and weaknesses, measure progress over time, set concrete goals, and focus your energy where you'll get the greatest payoff.

Survey results include comparison data from over 27,000 respondents at more than 160 companies. You receive an easy-to-understand report with specific recommendations based on your results, as well as consultations to help you act on the data. Contact us using the form below and get started on designing your survey today.

  • Timing: Surveys can be launched within a couple days of your initial phone call, depending on your requirements. Generally, surveys remain open for 7-14 business days. 
  • Design: We help you design a survey with the questions, demographic items, and timing that best meet your company's objectives.
  • Administration: The majority of surveys are administered online. We work with you to get the highest response rate possible and effectively use the survey as a communication tool.
  • The Report: The survey report includes:
    • A descriptive summary of how your company performed compared to the NCEO database for each survey item
    • Charts that help identify your specific priorities, strengths, and weakness
    • A chart that displays what percent of employees are cynics, skeptics, neutral, high potential, or champions when it comes to how they identify as employee owners and feel about employee ownership conceptually
    • A demographic overview chart that depicts how different subgroups performed relative to one another
    • Data charts that give more detailed information on each question, grouped by topic
    • Written responses are analyzed and categorized by issue (if an open ended-question was included on the survey).
  • Support: All survey administrations include up to two hours of consulting to help companies understand and use the survey data.

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