2023 Survey Details

The survey collected comprehensive data on both executive compensation and director compensation, along with board makeup, number of board members, and demographic questions.

The survey gathered compensation data for each of the following eight executive positions:

  • CEO or president
  • CFO or top financial executive
  • COO
  • Chief information officer
  • Top divisional vice president
  • Top human resources or personnel professional
  • Top sales or marketing executive
  • Vice president of services/region/geographic area

In addition, the survey report includes detailed compensation data for independent, affiliated, and inside directors, and data on board makeup.

A total of 383 ESOP companies (329 with 100% ESOPs) responded to our 2023 survey. Here is the industry breakdown. 

Industry Total  
Manufacturing 103  
Construction 78  
Professional, scientific and technical services 50  
Wholesale trade 42  
Retail trade 22  
Finance, insurance, real estate 15  
Information, technology (computers, biotechnology, software) 19  
Engineering or architecture 39  
Other 15  
Total 383  

    Contents of the Survey Report

    The report includes:

    • Descriptive demographic information about the respondents
    • Tables of compensation at the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles for each of eight executive positions, separated by base pay, cash incentives, stock-based compensation, and total pay
    • Contributions to executives' individual retirement plan accounts, by percentile
    • Total company ESOP contributions as a percentage of eligible payroll
    • Makeup of the board and committees (inside, affiliated, and independent directors)
    • Tables of dollar compensation at the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles for directors, broken out by retainer, per-meeting fees, equity compensation, and total compensation

    This information is presented for both the overall survey sample and as breakouts for each of the following company characteristics:

    • Revenue
    • Number of employees
    • Percent ESOP ownership
    • Industry:
      • Construction
      • Manufacturing
      • Professional, scientific, and technical services

    The report is a 57-page PDF that will be available from the Files tab of your NCEO account immediately after your purchase.

    What Users Are Saying

    "This report gives us information that we've needed but found very difficult and expensive to acquire in the past. This is a great service."
    — Robert H. Carlson (CEO Emeritus and board member, Reell Precision Manufacturing)

    "Not only did we get data on executive compensation in ESOP companies, we were also able to look at compensation levels for companies in our size range and industry type. I was impressed with the amount of data, the different executive positions it covered, and the quick turnaround--I would recommend this to any ESOP company."
    — Cindy Turcot (President, Gardener's Supply Company)

    Terms of Use

    By purchasing the NCEO's ESOP Executive Compensation Survey report, you are agreeing to following terms of use:

    • Companies may share the report with anyone at the company, including outside board members and consultants, but may not circulate it outside the company.
    • Companies sharing the report with outside board members and consultants must specify that its use is limited to the company, and must acknowledge the NCEO as the source. 
    • ESOP service providers and other service providers or consultants may use this report to advise clients, as long as they acknowledge the NCEO as the source and make clear that it should not be circulated outside the client's company.