July 17, 2020

The 2020 National ESOP Database Is Now Available

Each year, the NCEO compiles a database of all ESOPs in the US. This database breaks out privately held and publicly traded ESOPs, and includes the age of the ESOP, number of participants, total plan assets, and more.

We have just released the 2020 version, which reflects a major research project in which we visited the website of every ESOP company in the US. During this multi-year process, we scoured websites for any mention of employee ownership and, if so, whether the company notes its percentage of ownership. The resulting database includes comprehensive plan information from the Form 5500 data along with these employee ownership fields we researched and added.

Websites visited 6,005
Total that mention EO 3,166
Total that include some indicator of percent ESOP ownership 2,102
100% ESOPs 1,519

We see these data as being of great potential use by those who serve the ESOP community, companies who want to reach out to similar ESOPs for networking and purchasing, and researchers. 

You can purchase the updated database here