June 8, 2021

2021 Annual Conference: That's a Wrap!

Communications Director

Thank you to all of the sponsors, speakers, attendees, and staff who helped make our 2021 annual conference a rousing success! It not only was the largest virtual gathering in NCEO history but with 1,940 attendees was the second-largest event we’ve ever hosted, placing it just behind our last in-person annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Now that the encore portion of our 2021 annual conference has wrapped up, we can look at the numbers:

These attendees didn’t just attend sessions—they took advantage of the virtual environment to connect as never before! Conference attendees used the Swapcard platform to:

  • Make 2,754 new networking connections
  • Exchange over 12,000 messages between each other. 

We’re very grateful to all who made this event so exciting, enriching, and educational, and we look forward to hosting you all again at our Fall Forum, whether online or onsite in sunny San Diego. 

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