August 17, 2021

2021 ESOP Corporate Governance Survey results now available

Research Director

The 2021 ESOP Corporate Governance Survey report is now available. Our thanks go out to our survey respondents, who make this work possible. We received valid questionnaires from 302 ESOP companies.  Respondents have been emailed a code to receive a 75% discount on purchase of the report.

The survey collected comprehensive data on board composition, board compensation, trustee types, and trustee compensation, along with demographic questions. This report presents data on the respondents as a whole, followed by breakouts of the data by industry, percent owned by the ESOP, corporate type, number of employees, age of plan, and revenue.

The report is designed to help ESOP companies and others in the community to see overall patterns in board composition and practices, as well, as compare themselves to other similar companies on compensation types and amounts for directors and trustees. 

Comparison groups include: 

  • Manufacturing (76 respondents), construction (54), and professional/scientific/technical services (81)
  • 100% ESOPs (232)
  • Five employee categories (up to 50, 51-100, $101-250, 251-500, and 500+). 
  • And four revenue categories (under $10, $51-100, $101-200, and $201+ million). 

For any questions about the survey or the report, contact the NCEO research team at [email protected]