January 11, 2022

The 2022 National ESOP Database Is Now Available

Research Director

The 2022 ESOP Database, the NCEO's comprehensive data source on all ESOPs in the US, is now available. The database includes plan year 2020 Form 5500 filings (or the most recent available filing before 2020) and includes company name and address, industry, number of plan participants, plan assets, age of the ESOP, publicly traded indicator, and many more fields. (Download a sample of the data here).

The 2022 ESOP database combines data sourced from retirement plan filing records with additional information gathered through extensive research by the NCEO. We visit every ESOP company's website for any mention of employee ownership and, if so, whether the company notes its percentage ESOP ownership. We also identify publicly traded companies. The 2022 ESOP database identifies 1,568 100% ESOP-owned companies.

Websites visited 6,024
Total that mention employee ownership 3,241
Total that include some indicator of percent ESOP ownership 2,134
100% ESOPs identified 1,568

We see this data as being greatly useful to those who serve the ESOP community, companies who want to reach out to ESOPs for networking and purchasing, and researchers. For any questions about the ESOP Database, please contact [email protected].

The updated database is available for purchase here