June 1, 2020

Employee Survey Project: Asking Employee-Owners About the COVID Work Experience

Director of Culture and Engagement

With remote work, socially distanced production, new shift schedules, and virtual meetings, companies are beginning to head toward a new normal in their operations. The NCEO is developing a survey that will help gather your employee-owners' assessment of how well the new way of working is going and what their ideas are for improvements. It will also give you a chance to check in with how they're managing during these times of crisis.

We have a draft survey, thanks to our friends at employee-owned RealityWorks, and we're looking for ten companies to give it a trial run. If you are interested, please contact Dallan Guzinski (DGuzinski@nceo.org) by noon Pacific on Wednesday, June 2. Once we've finalized the draft, we'll send a link to you and ask you to forward to your workforce. We'll share the results with you and ask for your feedback about how it worked and how it could be better. 

Our hope is to release this survey as a member benefit later in June.