January 26, 2023

ESOP Companies: Complete Our Repurchase Obligation Survey!

Research Project Manager

The NCEO’s 2023 ESOP Repurchase Obligation Survey is now live and accepting responses from ESOP companies.

Take the survey here.

The survey is designed to provide the ESOP community with insight into current practices for handling the repurchase obligation and to measure how repurchase is affecting companies' strategy and sustainability. The survey asks about distribution and diversification policies, methods used to handle the repurchase obligation, and how repurchase ties into overall business outlook. It also asks some demographic questions in order to produce analysis relevant to companies of different sizes and different ESOP stages.

A PDF of the questionnaire is available here to help gather the necessary information. The survey should take 30-45 minutes to complete.

As always, all responses are fully confidential, and we offer all participating survey respondents a 75% discount on the complete survey results. 

Thank you in advance to our respondent companies for contributing data on this important ESOP topic! The survey is open through March 15.

Contact Nancy Wiefek, Research Director, at [email protected] with any questions about the survey or other research projects. Visit www.nceo.org/r/research for more ESOP research and data from the NCEO.