May 8, 2020

Minnesota Center for Employee Ownership Officially Opens

Communications Director

The Employee Ownership Expansion Network (EOX) has announced the formation of the Minnesota Center for Employee Ownership (MNCEO). The center was officially incorporated in January of this year and is currently being lead by interim executive director Sue Crockett. The EOX, beyond coordinating the people and financial support to get the center started, will provide resources to the MNCEO going forward to make it a compelling location for Minnesotans to learn about employee ownership. This includes statements for legislators, website and social media templates, and more.

In statement released on May 8, the EOX expressed gratitude to "the organizing board of directors and service provider advisory board, especially to Sue Crockett, David Moeller, John McCormick, Sheryl Neuman, and Matt Schubring for their leadership, dedication and countless volunteer hours in making the MNCEO a reality."

This is, of course, in keeping with the EOX's mission to encourage the growth of employee ownership throughout the country by founding local nonprofit outreach centers at the state level. In addition to launching the MNCEO, the EOX has launched centers in Georgia (GACEO) and North Carolina (NCEOC), and is in exploratory talks with stakeholders from Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, and Michigan.

If you're interested in starting a center in your state, reach out to EOX executive director Steve Storkan at