February 15, 2024

This Month's Download: Ownership Rights and Responsibilities

Director of Education

In case you missed it, The Download is a monthly resource designed for members to use to increase education and engagement at their companies. This month’s resource is something that many companies have already adopted (and something that we have heard is a need for many others): ownership rights and responsibilities. 

Taking employee ownership to the next level requires building a culture where people think and act like owners. One way companies can foster this mindset is by having a set of ownership rights and responsibilities. This is separate from any legal rights or requirements for ESOP participants; instead, ownership rights and responsibilities serve more as guiding principles for what employee-owners can expect and what is expected of them. It’s the give and take, the balance of ownership—with every right, there is a responsibility. 

To learn more and download Ownership Rights and Responsibilities in English and Spanish, visit The Download (member login required).