April 1, 2020

The NCEO Hosts Public Webinars on Covid-19

Executive Director

The NCEO is hosting three webinars, open to the general public, this week on the coronavirus outbreak and its relationship to employee ownership. You can register for future webinars on Free Webinars: ESOP Issues During the Coronavirus, which will also be updated with follow-up information and recordings of the webinars.

The first webinar, Plan operations: valuation, distributions, administration, took place yesterday, April 1. Barbara Clough of the Newport Group, Kevin Long of the Employee Benefits Law Group, and Steve Nelson of Chartwell Financial spoke to an audience of 759 people about plan amendments, the fiduciary challenges of people with multiple roles, the timing of update valuations, the issues possibly triggered by reductions in workforce, and managing costs.

The second webinar, Economic conditions: legislative and market impacts on your business, will be today, April 2, at 11:30 am Pacific / 2:30 pm Eastern and will feature Mary Josephs (Verit Advisors), David Solomon (Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC), and me. The session will cover the lending environment, contracts and insurance issues, the impact of recent legislation, managing cash, board governance, and what we can predict about the yet-to-emerge new normal in the economy.

On Friday (11:30 am Pacific / 2:30 pm Eastern), the NCEO's Corey Rosen and Dallan Guzinski will host a variety of guest speakers for a wide-ranging discussion about what companies are doing and can be doing to best manage the stress on their workforces, to communicate effectively, and to engage people’s resilience and creativity. You'll leave this webinar with concrete ideas you can bring to your company.

Our COVID-19 Resources page includes link to these webinars and our other resources, as well as updates on our virtual annual conference.

You can read my thoughts on resilience and employee ownership.