September 13, 2022

New NCEO Guides to State and Federal Legislation Available

NCEO founder and senior staff member

The NCEO now has comprehensive guides to active and pending state and federal legislation on our website. The articles will be updated as needed. The state guide summarizes all the state bills that have become law, including creating state employee ownership centers, tax incentives for a sale to an ESOP, and allowing certain professional firms to organize as ESOP companies. The document also summarizes significant active legislative efforts. Links to the bills are provided where available.

The guide to federal legislation goes back to 1973 when ESOPs were first mentioned in legislation (the Consolidated Rail Act) and lists all of the tax legislation from ERISA onward, as well as the non-tax bills covering the SBA, the Chrysler Loan Guarantee Act, the contracting preferences in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022, and the State Small Business Credit Initiative. Also covered are significant current legislative efforts.

If you have information on other legislation, either active or pending, please reach out to Corey Rosen at [email protected].