April 1, 2024

NJ Exploring Development of Statewide EO Program

Communications Director

Following the lead of Colorado and Washington State, New Jersey appears to be mulling a potential state program for employee ownership. Today, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) issued a formal Request for Information on developing a program, seeking insight from individuals and firms alike on what such a program might look like. The interest in employee ownership was spurred by the Governor's Wealth Disparity Task Force, which highlighted employee ownership as a potential initiative on which to focus.

The NJEDA is looking for information, opinions, and ideas from all interested stakeholders, including employee-owned businesses, advocates, service providers, community and entrepreneurship organizations, nonprofits, academics, policymakers, and more. The respondents are not required to reside in New Jersey to submit input. The NJEDA hopes to collect all input by April 15. See the Request for Information to learn more about when, where, and how to provide your input.