March 29, 2023

NY Bill Would Create State EO Center, Eliminate Cap Gains Taxes on Sales to EO Companies

NCEO founder and senior staff member

New York Assembly bills A1920 and S962 would create a state employee ownership center to be housed at a university to provide outreach, education, and training on employee ownership, including ESOPs, worker cooperatives, and businesses that otherwise have a majority of their voting stock owned by employees. No specific funding is stipulated in the bill. It also provides that companies considering a transition to employee ownership can apply for loan assistance from the New York State business development loans. The loans could be funded through a public authority trust fund that could allocate up to $100 million in initial funding for this purpose. The bill does not contain a specific appropriation for this process, however. New York already authorizes public authority trusts funds for other purposes.

The bill also exempts any sale to a qualifying employee-owned business from capital gains taxes. New York taxes capital gains as income, currently at 8.82%

Both bills are sponsored by Democrats only.