July 23, 2021

Our Friends at the VEOC Are Hiring

Communications Director

One of my favorite things about the employee ownership world is that it's always growing and moving. In addition to being a net positive for workers, businesses, and the economy in general, EO is also an exciting environment to work in, with lots of opportunities to get involved. And these opportunities aren't rigid or cookie-cutter—you can work at a national organization or local one, you can get involved in policy and advocacy, or you can work directly with companies. Whether you work full- or part-time or are a volunteer, the sphere around employee ownership is as flexible as employee ownership itself is for owners and companies.

I am thus pleased to report that our friends at the Vermont Employee Ownership Center are currently hiring a communications and outreach coordinator. The job details can be found here. The deadline for applying is August 9, with a prospective start date in September. This is an exciting opportunity for somebody in the Burlington area to get involved with one of the most established, successful, and forward-thinking organizations in this space, and we encourage all interested parties to apply.