April 15, 2020

In Response to COVID-19: What Employee-Owners Are Doing

Executive Director

We're hearing stories from our members and the extraordinary things employee-owned companies around the nation are doing during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Recent news articles highlight what ESOP companies are doing to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus: Twin City Die Castings is shifting its production to parts for ventilators and hospital beds. NewAge Industries, which makes plastic tubing that can be used in ventilators, has been investing in capital equipment, inventory, and hiring new staff.

Davey Tree used their extensive community and business networks to promote public health safety and social distancing, as seen in the images below.

Davey tree social distancing

Davey Tree message

King Arthur Flour launched an initiative called Goodness Bakes: “a program to keep bakeries running during financially challenging times." To that end, they’ve directed tens of thousands of dollars to purchase bread and other baked goods from King Arthur Flour bakery customers, which they then distribute to areas of need within their local communities—including food pantries, organizations that support unemployed food service workers, homeless populations, and more.

Odell Brewing donated $160,000 to four organizations supporting people in need in their northern Colorado community.

If you have stories, photos, or videos, please send them to me (LRodgers@nceo.org), and let me know whether it is OK to share them.