March 22, 2021

Six Ways to Get the Most from the April 16 Preconference Sessions

Executive Director

On April 16, the NCEO’s preconference sessions will give you a chance to dig in and make headway on one single employee ownership issue. You can go into more depth than in a conference sessions without devoting a whole workday. The preconference sessions are 2.5 hours, which is a quick way to get a block of continuing education credit, and each preconference includes an integrated set of presentations to move you from point A to point B, whether you are starting from scratch or are a “regular” at our conferences.

Companies at all stages need to think about the long-term forces working on their ESOP and company. The session Sustaining Your Company and Your ESOP will cover repurchase obligation, but it will also go beyond to look at plan design and creative approaches to capital management, including a look at how one employee-owned company made itself more sustainable.

Many ESOP companies are considering changes in their boards of directors, and the afternoon session on Best Practices for Effective Boards will start with a crash course in the governance of ESOP companies. Building on that, presenters will show you how to manage the balance between internal and external directors, ensure effective oversight of the CEO’s compensation, and recognize the patterns that set effective boards apart.

For companies that are looking to up their game, the morning session on High-Involvement Strategic Planning will give you inspiration and ready-to-use ideas so you can engage the wisdom and creativity of all employee-owners to create a strategic plan that everyone owns, understands, and is committed to. Then in the afternoon session on Reimagining your Company, two compelling case studies combined with relevant data will leave you with concrete take-home tools you can use as business operations continue to adapt to the still-changing economy.

If you are considering whether an ESOP is in your company’s future, we’ve created two sessions under the header “Is an ESOP Right for You?” Part One in the morning will cover the first questions you need to answer, and you’ll leave this session with an answer to whether you ought to pursue a feasibility study. If you should, Part Two in the afternoon will help you understand the parts of an ESOP transaction, plus core valuation and finance issues so that you can be an informed consumer for a feasibility study.

These sessions cost only $50 for members to attend all day. Make sure to register today to reserve your spot!