Alert: Spoof email claiming to be from NCEO

Several of our member reported receiving an email this morning from a sending called "Web Cargo" claiming to be the NCEO. This is not from us. The email has the header "NCEO Update / Delivery No. 7481366," and the send-from email address is not an address.

Join Me This February for the Communications Committee Crash Course

The NCEO has put together an online training and networking program for companies, new and old, that want to create employee involvement and help their employees understand what their ESOP really does mean to their company, to employees, and to their families in the long run: the Communications Committee Crash Course.

Biden Appointee Proposes Office of Employee Ownership

In a new report, Why Aren’t There More ESOPs: Assessing Barriers to ESOP Creation, Jared Bernstein, one of the three people Joe Biden named to the Council of Economic Advisers, urges

The NCEO Turns 40: Revisit Our 2020 Annual Conference

To kick off an entire year of celebration, the NCEO Annual Conference will take a look back at some of the most insightful, educational, and entertaining moments from our 2020 conference. We have an entire week of YouTube conference sessions on deck for you, our community.

NCEO 2021 Board Elections Now Open

The election for the NCEO’s board of directors opens today. Members in good standing of the NCEO will receive an email late tonight with a link to a confidential electronic ballot. Directors will be selected through this election and by appointment by the existing board.