IRS Announces Benefit Plan Limits for 2022

The IRS has announced COLA (cost of living adjustment) changes for 2022 retirement plan limits, with several changes of interest to ESOPs.

State Small Business Credit Initiative Program Now Allows Funding for Employee Ownership American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 included an appropriation of $10 billion for another round of funding for the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), a program that has been in place since 2010. SSBCI funds might make it easier for lenders to ESOPs to provide larger and less collateralized ESOP loans or for mezzanine lenders to loan at lower rates.

Trustee Litigation Risks in Ongoing ESOPs Are Very Low

A new NCEO analysis of ESOP litigation in closely held companies over the last 10 years shows that of 74 lawsuits involving trustees, 54 were for issues dealing with a transaction. The data suggest that the risks of being a trustee in an ESOP with a high-quality team of advisors and a good third-party administrator are extremely low.

Grassroots EO Organization Launches: Ownership America

Jack Moriarty has announced the launch of Ownership America, a “public policy and grassroots advocacy organization founded to turn Americans into owners.” Founded by Jack Moriarty, who is now its director, Ownership America’s first efforts will focus on generating policy proposals and grassroots initiatives to help grow employee ownership.

Join Me This Fall for the Communications Committee Crash Course

The NCEO has put together an online training and networking program for companies, new and old, that want to create employee involvement and help their employees understand what their ESOP really means to their company, to employees, and to their families in the long run. This summer we will host our next series of the NCEO's Communications Committee Crash Course.

Advertisement at the World Series Highlights Employee Ownership

Long-time ESOP-owned company Clif Bar is running a one-minute advertisement during the 2021 World Series that prominently features Clif Bar's employee-owners showing pride in their product and their company, and introducing themselves and their coworkers as employee-owners.

Updated List of Largest EO Companies Released

We just released this year's EO 100, our annual list of the largest 100 companies that are owned by an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) or similar plan or, less commonly, where a majority of the employees directly own a majority of the shares.

Applications Sought for 2021-2022 Rutgers Employee Ownership Fellowship Program

The Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations has opened applications for the J. Robert Beyster Fellowship, the Louis O. Kelso Fellowship, and other fellowships for the study of employee share ownership and profit sharing in the U.S. and internationally.