NCEO Employee Ownership Stock Index Continues to Double Market Returns

On June 19, 2017, the NCEO created the Employee Ownership Index, an index of 28 publicly traded companies that both have broad-based employee ownership and have won one of four major national employer rating awards, each of which puts a high emphasis on employee engagement (Fortune's 100 Best Com

Reactions to the Sanders Proposal

In its initial reporting on Sen. Sanders' new proposals discussed on this blog, Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein noted that the new proposals are "expected to face significant opposition from the business community."

Equity Compensation Symposium: July 24, New York

The Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) at Santa Clara University and the Global Equity Organization (CEO) are hosting the 2019 CEPI and GEO Symposium, focusing on equity compensation plans.

Mark Cuban: Entrepreneurs Should Give Stock to All Employees

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur who founded two companies and is a regular on the television show Shark Tank, said, "We as entrepreneurs have got to make a point to give stock to everybody that works for us. Period. End of story.

Davey Tree Celebrates 40 Years of Employee Ownership

Davey Tree, one of the largest tree service companies in the U.S., became employee-owned. Since then, its employee count has grown from 2,800 to nearly 10,000, and its stock from 12 cents to $21, a compound annual growth rate close to 14%.