Changing a Company Culture at Onex Inc.

Change is hard even when it's necessary. Just because you have “always done it that way” doesn’t mean it is the right way or even works very well. Sometimes you need to reflect and do a gut check. Does this feel good?  Am I getting the value I need or want from the effort?

The State of Employee Ownership in Europe

On March 31, the European Federation of Employee Share Ownership (EFES) reported on the state of employee ownership in Europe in 2020 in its annual report on employee ownership in European countries. Author Marc Mathieu notes that “the upward trend in the number of employee shareholders continues,” but also that it may be in danger in Europe as it becomes “less and less democratic.”

Aspen Institute Urges More Support for Employee Ownership

In its report "A Job Quality Agenda for the Next Administration," the Aspen Institute, a leading nonpartisan think tank, joined the Center for American Progress, Council of Economic Advisors member Jared Bernstein, and others to “Promote employee ownership and worker cooperative models, which have been shown to have a positive association with quality jobs, by offering technical assistance and access to appropriate financing to support transitions to employee ownership, as well as new business development that includes some form of employee ownership."

Employee-Owned Companies Rated Higher on Glassdoor

An NCEO analysis of Glassdoor ratings of companies on the Employee Ownership 100 list shows that they tend to be more highly rated by employees than their competitors. The study looked at the three main Glassdoor ratings: