CNBC Coverage of Employee Ownership

In an August 11 article, described employee ownership as "one of the only policies that can directly deal with the economic reality that gains in the economy have largely gone to Americans with access to stocks. ESOPs help solve that discrepancy by not only distributing profits of private companies more equally amongst workers, but also giving them more control of the company in turn."

Employee Ownership in Japan

The August 1 edition of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the main business newspaper of Japan, included an op-ed supporting employee ownership.

The 2019 Employee Ownership 100

Every year the NCEO releases the Employee Ownership 100, the 100 largest companies that are majority-owned by their employees.

Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta Resigns

Following controversy over his role in a plea bargain for Jeffrey Epstein, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta offered his resignation on July 12, and President Trump announced that Patrick Pizzella would become the acting secretary.

NCEO Employee Ownership Stock Index Continues to Double Market Returns

On June 19, 2017, the NCEO created the Employee Ownership Index, an index of 28 publicly traded companies that both have broad-based employee ownership and have won one of four major national employer rating awards, each of which puts a high emphasis on employee engagement (Fortune's 100 Best Com