ESOP Companies and the Paycheck Protection Program

We surveyed ESOP companies starting on April 10 in order to gather data on how they are faring so far in the application process. As of this writing, we have received 164 responses from companies with ESOPs. Of these, 115 or 70% have already submitted a PPP loan application, and most of the rest are actively working with a lender.


As I talk with members, the word that keeps coming to mind is “resilience.” Some of you reading this are facing terrible choices and no-win situations. Some of you are seeing trouble approaching.

The NCEO Hosts Public Webinars on Covid-19

The NCEO is hosting three webinars, open to the general public, this week on the coronavirus outbreak and its relationship to employee ownership.

On Changing the Format of Our Annual Conference

Thirty-nine years ago, we held our first annual conference. We had 175 attendees, including my uncle Bernie. Last year we sold out at over 1,900; this year, we were on track to sell out even sooner at over 2,000.

The NCEO Responds to the Coronavirus

Update on March 16: Please read our revised coronavirus update and see the announcement on our conference website. -----------------------------------