Advertisement at the World Series Highlights Employee Ownership

Long-time ESOP-owned company Clif Bar is running a one-minute advertisement during the 2021 World Series that prominently features Clif Bar's employee-owners showing pride in their product and their company, and introducing themselves and their coworkers as employee-owners.

Updated List of Largest EO Companies Released

We just released this year's EO 100, our annual list of the largest 100 companies that are owned by an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) or similar plan or, less commonly, where a majority of the employees directly own a majority of the shares.

Applications Sought for 2021-2022 Rutgers Employee Ownership Fellowship Program

The Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations has opened applications for the J. Robert Beyster Fellowship, the Louis O. Kelso Fellowship, and other fellowships for the study of employee share ownership and profit sharing in the U.S. and internationally.

Calibre Wins 2021 Achievement Award at Fall Forum

We gave our annual Achievement Award to Calibre, whose video won for its creativity, humor, and energy. Bridges Health was the runner-up, with an energetic and inclusive video.

Defense Authorization Act Provision Makes 100% ESOPs Eligible for Small Business Set-Asides

A potentially major improvement in rules for ESOP defense contractors was included in the Senate Armed Services Committee’s markup of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, S 2042). An amendment from Sen. Jean Shaheen (D-NH) would provide that the Department of Defense should create a pilot program that would allow companies that are or become 100% ESOP-owned to receive noncompete follow-on contracts for the work, even if they no longer meet applicable small business or other set-aside requirements.

Court Rules Decisively Against DOL in ESOP Valuation Case

In Walsh v. Bowers, No. 1:18-cv-00155-SOM-WRP (D.C. Hawaii, September 17, 2021), a district court decisively ruled in favor of the trustee and the board of directors of the ESOP company Bowers+Kubota in an ESOP valuation case.

Four Paths to Employee Ownership

The NCEO recently published a table that highlights the main characteristics of four types of employee ownership, found in our web article Employee Ownership for Closely Held Companies: ESOPs vs. Equity Grants, Trusts, and Worker Cooperatives.

NCEO Article Encourages States to Create Employee Ownership Programs

An August 9 article by NCEO founder Corey Rosen in Governing, Employee-Owned Companies Could Use a Government Nudge, argues for state and local programs to provide outreach and technical assistance to help educate business owners about employee ownership.

Get the Most Out of the Fall ESOP Forum

You can get a big picture overview of all things related to making an ESOP company work well at the Fall ESOP Forum, but most people I talk with have one aspect of ESOPs at the top of mind.

What Does It Mean to Achieve in 2021?

Every year around this time, I get excited about our Fall ESOP Forum, taking place this year from September 22 to 24 online.