Inside the Clif Bar ESOP Transaction

Inc. magazine ran a detailed insider account of the time in 2000 when now ESOP-owned Clif Bar decided against a third-party sale. At the eleventh hour, Gary Erickson, who owned 50% of the company, called off a sale to Quaker Oats.

John Lewis Advertising Campaign

The flagship company of the UK's employee ownership movement, which recently rebranded itself as John Lewis & Partners/Waitrose & Parners, released a new television advertisement.

Comments on Employee Ownership in the UK

The opening line of Merryn Somerset Webb's September 28 review in the Financial Times (subscription required) of the Labour Party's proposed policy to promote employee ownership is "If there is one thing

Gender Gap in Employee Equity Compensation

In a September 17 report, The Gap Table: Analyzing the gender gap in equity, Carta (formerly eShares) and a collection of angel investors examined the "capitalization tables," which list the owners of companies and how much they own,