Howard Schultz and Employee Ownership

In other presidential news, Howard Schultz, the founder and former CEO of Starbucks, has gotten a lot of media attention for his possible run as an independent for President. Schultz was an early proponent of employee ownership.

Employee-Owned Rosendin Turns 100

Rosendin (formerly "Rosendin Electric"), a six-thousand-person employee-owned company based in San Jose, Calif., celebrates its 100th year in business in 2019.

Retail Downturn at John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis, the iconic UK department store and the flagship of the UK's employee ownership sector, announced in January that it would consider not paying its staff bonus.

Why Dansko Is Employee-Owned

Writing in Forbes, Susan Adams describes the day in August 2005 when Mandy Cabot decided not to sell her company, which sells wooden clogs, to a much larger company.

Is 2019 the Year of Employee Ownership?

Writing in the Intercept, reporter Rachel Cohen reviewed the year in employee ownership politics and legislation. She noted the long-time advocacy by Sen.

Employee Ownership in Jamaica

Writing in the newspaper the Gleaner, Jan Keil of the University of the West Indies argues that Jamaica's economic development program should have a long-term employee owners

Ring in the New Year; Ring Out the Old

Loren Rodgers, the NCEO's executive director: "I feel lucky because a big part of my job is talking with people about their dreams for their companies.

In Their Words: HDR

A company profile of HDR, a 10,000-employee engineering and architecture firms headquartered in Colorado Springs, contains two quotes to share.