New NCEO Data on the Costs of ESOP Litigation

A new NCEO study found that, over the last 10 years, 68 private company ESOP court cases had results in settlements or judgments that cost the defendants a total of $385.5 million. The average payout per employee in these cases was $14,400 per participant.

Employee Ownership Efforts Move Forward in NJ, MO

The proposed 2024 New Jersey budget includes $6 million in funding for conversions to ESOPs and other plans, and legislation in Missouri would restore a capital gains exclusion for sellers to an ESOP.

Announcing the 2023 NCEO Board of Directors

The NCEO is delighted to announce six new members of its board of directors: Lori Atone, Jennifer Briggs, Haydee Caldero, Timothy Garbinsky, Susan Kildahl, and Dan Markowitz -- their bios are below. The three-year terms of the new directors will begin on April 1, 2023.