Survey Reports

Repurchase Obligation Survey2023 Repurchase Obligation Survey Report

This report covers the major findings of the NCEO's 2023 ESOP Repurchase Obligation Survey. It includes an extensive appendix with separate tables for each survey item.

Executive Compensation Survey2022 ESOP Executive Compensation Survey Report

This survey includes detailed compensation data for eight executive positions, including base, incentive, stock-based, and deferred compensation. This year’s survey also asked companies about the impact of labor market trends and inflation.

Corporate Governance Survey2021 ESOP Corporate Governance Survey Report

The NCEO's 2021 ESOP Corporate Governance Survey covers a wide range of governance issues including board composition, director compensation, the characteristics of the ESOP trustee, and trustee compensation.

ESPP Survey2016 ESPP Survey Report

The NCEO collaborated with the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) and the Certified Equity Professional Institute at Santa Clara University (CEPI) to develop and distribute this survey.