ESOP Essentials

Considering an ESOP? The process can seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help.

We have developed ESOP Essentials, a tool kit of resources to help you determine if an ESOP is right for you and where to go next. Because we want to make it easy and affordable for companies to consider ESOPs, we have priced this at just $90.

ESOP Essentials is a packet of readings, webinars, ready-to-use sample documents, resource lists, and research that draws on the NCEO’s decades-old history of talking with business owners, conducting research, and distilling common lessons and best practices into an easily usable format.

Going through this material will help you know if it makes sense to take the next steps in an ESOP. When you are done, you will know

  • If your situation meets the “tripwire” criteria for ESOP suitability
  • How well the benefits of ESOPs match your goals
  • The pros and cons of the major types of ESOP transactions
  • The steps in creating an ESOP
  • Your next steps

This guide does not replace the need for an ESOP feasibility study, which may be an important next step. If a formal ESOP feasibility study makes sense, this guide will help you get started with designing an RFP for a feasibility study and selecting some providers to bid on that RFP.

You may determine that an ESOP is not the right fit for you or your company, or that now is not the right time. ESOP Essentials is designed to help you make that determination as quickly as possible and to give you ideas for alternative approaches that may make sense.

For $90 you will receive 6 months of benefits traditionally reserved for NCEO members, including:

  • Webinar replays on ESOP basics you can view any time
  • Articles and documents that explain how these plans work
  • The ability to call or email us with questions about ESOPs
  • Access to member pricing on introductory consulting

Note: Since we aren't currently shipping books, we are working on a way to provide digital copies of the following publications: Selling Your Business to an ESOP, copies to share of the short book Introduction to ESOPs, the issue brief Moving On: Making the Transition After Selling to an ESOP, and several short introductory booklets. If you have not received your publications, please email for assistance. Thank you for your patience

View the index of included resources here.

Get started on the path to employee ownership with ESOP Essentials.

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