What Should an ESOP Board Compensation Committee Do?

Fifty-seven percent of ESOP company boards have a compensation committee, increasingly made up in part or entirely by outside directors. What should these committees be doing to make sure compensation is handled appropriately?
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What Stories Do People Tell About Your Company?

At the NCEO's recent annual conference, Southwest Airlines President Emeritus Colleen Barrett said that people are always lining up to her to tell her their favorite Southwest stories, usually about how employees went out of their way to help customers, make people laugh, or otherwise go well bey

What Stories Do Your Customers Tell About You?

At the NCEO/Beyster Institute's recent annual conference in Portland, Southwest President Emeritus Colleen Barrett told the attendees that airline executives can be reluctant to say what they do at a social gathering for fear of the stories people will want to tell about their terrible experience

Where Would You Like the 2013 Conference to Be?

We are now considering Seattle, Los Angeles (probably the Hollywood area), and San Francisco for the 2013 conference. Los Angeles and Seattle would offer about the same hotel prices; San Francisco would be about 15% higher. Where would you like it to be?

White House Budget and ESOPs

The Obama administration's revenue proposals include one item specific to ESOPs. The administration notes that current law is unclear about whether transfer of qualified replacement property to a spouse should trigger tax on the amount of capital gains originally deferred in an ESOP transaction.

Who Does ESOP Valuations?

In response to an informal poll conducted by the NCEO, 44 ESOP appraisers indicated that they do over 3,000 valuations annually, representing approximately one-third of active ESOPs and ESOP-equivalent plans.

Why Dansko Is Employee-Owned

Writing in Forbes, Susan Adams describes the day in August 2005 when Mandy Cabot decided not to sell her company, which sells wooden clogs, to a much larger company.

Will Broad-Based Equity Survive Expensing?

Three recent surveys provide information on how companies will react to requirements that options, ESPPs, and other equity awards be shown as an expense on their income statements.

Will Charlie Hebdo Become Employee-Owned?

The staff of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo proposed that the newspaper become a worker cooperative, partly in order to give its entire staff a voice in how the newspaper uses the substantial profits it has earned from the spike in sales following the attacks on its office on Januar