A Detailed Overview of Employee Ownership Plan Alternatives

Contents Introduction Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) Stock Options Employee Stock Purchase Plans Restricted Stock, Phantom Stock, and Stock Appreciation Rights 401(k) Plans Employee Ownership and Employee Motivation

Are ESOPs Good Retirement Plans?

Research Shows That ESOPs Provide Retirement Benefits that Are Both Much Larger and Much More Equitably Distributed than Most Other Retirement Plans

Employee Stock Options Fact Sheet

Traditionally, stock option plans have been used as a way for companies to reward top management and "key" employees and link their interests with those of the company and other shareholders.

Equity Incentives in Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Limited liability companies (LLCs) are a relatively recent form of business organization, but one that has become increasingly popular. LLCs are similar in many ways to S corporations, but ownership is evidenced by membership interests rather than stock.

ESOPs in S Corporations

S Corporations ESOPs Have Exceptional Tax Benefits, But Plans Must Be Designed to Benefit Employees Broadly

How to Choose an Employee Stock Plan for a Closely Held Company

Many companies we encounter have a pretty good idea of what kind of employee ownership plan they want to use, usually based on specific needs and goals. However, sometimes they might be better served by another kind of stock plan.

How to Choose Employee Ownership Consultants

Hiring the experts to help you manage the creation of an employee ownership plan will cost money, but the right experts will save you the hassle, time, and unwarranted risk of trying to figure this out yourself. Contents