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Stop renting insurance and OWN it!

Our mission at the NCEO is to help employee ownership thrive. In partnership with the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and Innovative Captive Strategies (ICS), Scott Insurance Services (An ESOP-owned agency) is building a captive exclusively for ESOPs to help reduce insurance costs and gain control and stability. 

OWN Health is a group health insurance captive designed specifically for Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) companies. Partnering with the National Center of Employee Ownership (NCEO) and Scott Insurance as the advising agency, OWN Health will grow with various ICS agency partners across the US.

As of February 1st 2024, OWN’s membership has welcomed 11 policy holders with 1895 covered employees - representing 9 states!

OWN Health members:

2023 OWN Scorecard - how did we do?

The scorecard is a look back on what members did in 2022 so only members that joined before 2022 are included on the scorecard (Gathering data for the 2023 Scorecard - update coming soon)

The purpose of the scorecard is:

  • Promote transparency and member accountability

  • Set member expectations

  • Drive clinical education and initiatives

What are the benefits of being an OWN Health member?

  • Stability: We select best-in-class ESOP companies to join OWN Health.  Utilize your group purchasing power, keep costs stable and spread your risk among a cleaner pool of like-minded companies.  Receive asset protection and gain access to lower reinsurance costs.
  • Control: Gain the transparency you deserve with access to your claims information and plan design flexibility.
  • Opportunity: As an ESOP company, gain access to Fortune 500 resources, receive a return of underwriting profit and investment income, and enjoy peer group support and sharing.

Companies in captives are usually in the range of 75-300 employees have annual revenues greater than $20 million. Smaller companies have too much variable risk (one person can account for a major percentage loss) and larger companies can self-insure on their own.

The NCEO believes that employee-owned companies may be strong candidates for captive insurance for these reasons:

  • Employee-owned companies have better-than-average risk profiles.
  • Employee-owned companies are diversified.
  • Employee-owned companies benefit from strong cultures and long term focus.


Captive insurance programs will provide our members with more control and transparency over their insurance programs. We expect that the NCEO captives will provide long-term cost savings to our members and allow them to retain more of their annual premium each year.

  • Captives typically reduce annual premiums by 10% to 25%. Additionally, if claims costs are controlled throughout the year, remaining premium is returned to members. Captives also allow ESOPs to take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Control and transparency over the insurance process
  • Access to Fortune 500 resources
  • Return of underwriting profit and investment income
  • Stabilize insurance costs, avoiding the big insurance market cycles
  • Asset Protection and access to lower reinsurance costs

If you work at an ESOP-owned NCEO member company or are a Service Provider interested in learning more:

         NCEO BLOG

All ESOP companies interested in participating should be working closely with their broker partner and ICS to ensure an easy captive insurance transition.

We welcome participation by other insurance agencies. If you are an advisor or work for an insurance company that is an NCEO member and are interested on behalf of your clients, please contact Suzanne Vinson ([email protected]) so you can learn about participating.